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How Do You Handle Heaviness?

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Learn 7 Steps to OVERCOMING your moments of heaviness.

I have to be honest - today was one of those days that I carried around a heavy heart... reflecting and rehearsing the tasks that have been left undone - thinking about mistakes I've made and how far I still have to go to reach my goals.

“It didn't matter that I've accomplished a lot - pulled myself up by my boot straps, endured life's most tumultuous storms and rose to the top of companies. ”

My MIND reminded me of my failures- relationships that ended, 'friends' who don't support me and all the things on my list that I'm yet believing God for.....

And truth be told, I spent some time feeling down, lost, invisible. You know, that feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you sad and despondent?

Yep "that feeling"....

How many people go through that or have gone through a day like I've had?

Its OK to be honest - The TRUTH is what makes us FREE! We walk around in bondage because we are too afraid to take off our masks and be our imperfect, constantly progressing, learning and growing selves... We want people in our lives and on social media to think we have it all together - we're afraid if we are vulnerable people wont like us or do business with us, so we continue to walk around faking the funk and hurting.

👉🏽 STOP IT!!!

You're hurting yourself sis!

7 Steps to Overcome the Heaviness

1. Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness!

2. Renew your mind! You have to SPEAK to your STORMS! You have the POWER!!!!

3. There is NO CONDEMNATION IN CHRIST!!!! Forgive yourself, you're worth it!

4. Give yourself permission to be your AMAZING, AUTHENTIC SELF!!! You were made in the image of Christ! Girl, you da bomb!

5. REST!!! This is the HARDEST thing for me to do because I'm constantly working!! But the Word says we must labor to enter into His rest and even after God created the world, HE RESTED!!! Sis, you losing your mind cause you're tired! REST GIRL, REST!

6. Be grateful!! In all things, BE THANKFUL! I forced myself to write a list of EVERYTHING I could think of that I was grateful for, and you know what? The more gratitude I had, the less worry & stress I felt! Practice gratitude!

7. Always remember this, if you can look up, you can get up! Look to the hills from whence cometh your help - your HELP comes from the Lord!!! Give yourself permission to be present in what you're feeling, but then GET UP!!! WHATEVER YOUR PROBLEM IS, YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHANGE IT!!! GET UP, SIS! GET UP!!!!


Sonali Hutson

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