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When the Bottom Falls Out is the true story of the transformational experience that I had with Jesus Christ during one of the darkest seasons in my life. Faced with a failing marriage, financial ruin and the death of my mother – I was desperate for change. I lost my hope, I lost my identity and with every passing day, I grew more hopeless.  I was at my lowest point – lost in the wilderness for what seemed like years until I surrendered and allowed Jesus to step in.  Instead of being rejected or met with condemnation, I was wrapped in his unconditional love that allowed me to GET UP. 

This book is your wake-up call. It is the alarm clock that you have been praying for to help you hit the reset button on the mess that you think you made of your life.  It is a biblical roadmap to help you navigate life’s challenges and execute the faith-based strategies that will help shift your faith, increase your income and develop the resilient mindset required to change your life. Through faith in Christ, I was able to find healing, forgiveness, restoration, success and freedom and you can too! Isn’t it time that you went from surviving to thriving!?   

Falls Out

when the bottom

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